What does it feel like to experience a heart attack?

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I had a heart attack on 17th July 2018. So pretty fresh.

It was a normal day. I just finished a gym session along with my brother at about 9 pm.

I remember thinking during my last exercise, what a good session it was. I felt really strong. Full of energy.

My last exercise was the deadlift.

As I walked out of the gym I felt an uncomfortable feeling in the middle of my chest. Mild pain. I put it down to the heavy gym session and didn’t think much about it.

As I drove the 15min home the pain intensified. But not alarmingly so. However, now it spread to both my arms. The back of the arms.

I now put it down to heartburn as I ate too close to my gym session. Once again I ignored it.

It was now about 9:20 pm. As I got home, I was very uncomfortable. It was very warm that day too. My brother went home and I lay down on the floor in my garden in an attempt to cool off. Every second it was getting worse.

I now moved inside and put on the AC and lay on the sofa.

The pain now spread to my jaw. I was a tad worried now. I found heartburn medication and drank some. No relief.

A few minutes later I vomited.

It was now 9:40 pm. This was my cue to call 999. As most Brits know we don’t like bothering people. Even if we’re dying. Lol.

I apologized to the operator for wasting her time but told her I’m getting severe chest pain. And MAY need an ambulance. She asked me to find some aspirin. Which I didn’t have.

By now I was down on my knees in severe pain. I said to her, apologizing again, that I really need help.

At 9:50 pm Ambulance guys turned Up. I was on the verge of crying with the pain. in fact, I was crying.

The ambulance crew wired me up to a mobile ECG machine and confirmed ‘something’s not right’. They gave me a small dosage of morphine which calmed the pain down and relaxed me.

A few mins later the pain returned and they said they couldn’t give me any more morphine as they don’t know what the problem is.

I was walked to the ambulance and a few mins later were in A&E.

Wired up to a proper ECG machine, this is when ‘all hell broke loose’!

At around 10:20 pm, Doctors running around. Looking at charts. Taking notes. Asking me questions. Nurses putting tags on my arm with my name and address. Taking my vitals. Taking blood. Etc.

A doctor then explained that I’m having a heart attack and they will be taking me to Cardiology for emergency surgery.

All of A&E was just looking in my direction.

Porters were not available, so the doctors wheeled me to cardiology at super speed. All in all about 12 doctors and nurses around me. I was given a proper dose of morphine and WOW! It was amazing. Lol.

A sense of warmth spread from my toes to my head. I was totally relaxed. I put my head back and just looked at the ceiling. I thought of my 39 years of life. And made my peace. If I die. I die. I had a good life.

I was very calm. However, then it hit me. The date. 17th July. The next day was my son's 14th birthday. What if I don’t make it? He doesn’t even know where I am!

I said a little prayer and left it all to God and the doctors. After all what else could I do?

The surgeon discussed with my brother that I have 100%blockage of the LAD. Otherwise known as the ‘Widowmaker’ And it’s unlikely I will survive. All in earshot of me.

I was wheeled into surgery and prepped for surgery. I could see a huge monitor to my left and my heart pumping away. It was surreal. That one muscle in my chest. Always been by my side. And now it’s struggling to do its job. :(

Nurses were very kind and told me all will be ok. Just relax.

The plan was to put a stent in. They attempted by going into my wrist but the wire wouldn’t go further than my elbow.

My chest pain was about 6/10. However, the pain in my arm was 100/10! Even though I was under local anesthesia.

If anyone remembers watching Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddie Kruger plays puppets with the arteries of his victims… that’s what it felt like.

Eventually, they realized they need to go via my groin.

Same pain, but now in my upper thigh. OUCH!!!

20min later the surgeon said ‘I’m going to count down from 10, and the pain will disappear!’

‘10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2…1, flush’ (whatever that meant) He was right. No pain. All gone. Procedure complete.

It was now 1 am on 18th July 2018. My son's birthday.

I was 39 when it happened.

I have always been into fitness, running, weight lifting, etc, but it was due to my genetics.

At the time of the heart attack, my cholesterol was normal as was my blood pressure.

My father suffers from heart failure, as did my uncle on my mothers' side. He had a quad by-pass by his early 30s. So def shite genetics.

There was no warning prior like I explained above, I actually felt really good after my gym session.

However, the doctors did explain that it was the gym session that saved my life. If I hadn't gone

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this is a real story of
Ash Hussain

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