Do You Know About Banana Benefits? God has created fruits of all seasons as their human needs with their efficacy, which not only meet the deficiency of various vitamins in the human body but also fight the germs in the body along with the diet in many fruits.

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 Has the ability to say or say that every fruit of the season is medicine for humans with taste. The most commonly consumed fruit after mango in the middle is banana. If you want to know about banana benefits and side effects then Read all this article.

 There is no denying it because banana is an energy-rich fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, banana is a magical fruit that will transform the human body.

 Banana provides energy as a healthy breakfast, as compared to other fruits, banana is a digestive tract that is considered an important ingredient in the early feeding of children; if used at infancy, it will be very good for health.

Do You Know About Banana Benefits and Side Effects?

Banana Benefits!

 While the babies get into the habit of drinking a glass of milk after eating a banana every day for breakfast, they will also gain weight and gain physical strength.

Bananas have about 80% nutrients, about 3/4% water, and 1/5 part sugar and the remaining fiber, minerals, and vitality, because of the high starch, the banana diet increases the ability to work. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, and copper are found in bananas. According to Prophethood, banana is good medicine, along with good fruit, which is in the body.

 Vitamin C deficiency suppresses, produces energy and blood, strengthens the kidneys, is effective for the liver, it is useful in throat itching, toxic to the body.

 Extracts the material, is also useful for coughing, while also has acne for diarrhea, also benefits jaundice. Eliminates acidity, therefore useful for stomach.

 Also useful for diarrhea and heart diseases. Bananas should be given with milk for diarrhea, twitching, diarrhea and weak children who are underweight.

 Constipation due to low food intake and constipation in the case of overeating thickens the body. Yes, people with diabetes should eat less, do not drink water immediately after eating bananas, it causes mucus, eat bananas during diarrhea.

Along with banana, God make medicinal effects in the banana tree. Water in the banana trunk kills stomach worms, its root is also very useful, which physicians treat their patients. 

The good thing is that in the early part of the day it is not as effective as it is in the evening or at night, so it is better to use banana at breakfast time.

Eating bananas can prevent many illnesses - including stress, high blood pressure, stroke, mental capacity loss.

 Nutritionists say banana is a fruit that has many benefits to human health. In addition to the fruits, medicine is the main reason for the use of bananas for young children, since three-quarters of the water in the banana is a health condition of their children, hence the milk.

 You should use a banana with it. Alcohol is the fruit of the fruit and medicine is the medicine.

 Banana is a fruit that has given you health and strength. It is the perfect fruit for you that can change your life. It can be used in any variety of food and drink anytime anywhere.

 Banana is a well-known fruit and is known for its unique taste and health benefits. Many use it because it is a cheap fruit and other nutrients are found in it. Some use it less because of the spread of false facts about it.

 The banana is available at the same price all year long compared to other fruits. This article discusses the number of calories in bananas. If you do not use bananas, you do not consume a very useful fruit that will give you a healthy life in general. And keeps us strong.

Calories in banana
Carbohydrates 27.2 grams
Calcium 17 mg
Magnesium 14 mg
Phosphorus 36 mg
Sodium 36 mg
88 mg of potassium
Zinc 0.15 mg
Iron 0.36
Dietary Fibers 3.5
Fat 6.3
Vitamin B6 0.8
Vitamin C7
Protein 1.2
Carotene 78

2. Bananas as a rich diet should be given to all those who are planning to lose weight and who are suffering from malnutrition due to fever and illness.
Banana is an excellent source of potassium is extremely useful for bone health and also controls hypertension.

٭ .... Since bananas are high in carbohydrates, use it in small quantities for reducing weight.
• Vitamin B6 reduces the risk of heart diseases and certain types of cancer, while vitamin C is useful for the skin.

Bananas contain soluble fibers that are useful in constipation and digestive disorders.

٭ .... Caroline in banana reduces the risk of developing obesity.
3. Because bananas have natural acid-lowering effects, they can be used as an adjunct to gastric ulcer and other intestinal diseases.

٭ .... Banana use is prohibited in diabetics due to high sugar.
• When diarrhea or diarrhea or urinary tract disease develops, banana meets potassium deficiency.

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Most important 15 Benefits of Banana!

Banana is a fruit that is equally popular from infants to poppy mouth to old age. People of all ages eat it fondly because the cheap class can buy it.

It is preferred because of its nutritional aroma and sweetness as far as nutrition is concerned, all fruits and vegetables are even more useful than potatoes.

1. Bananas contain 15 to 20 percent sugar. Highly mineral ingredients such as iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and chlorine are included. Vitamins A, B, C, and G are notable.

2. Banana is a high-fat diet. Fats up the body and refreshes the heart.

3. It creates relief by relieving throat and chest inflammation. Strengthening the kidneys by eating it. Bait is useful in dry cough.

4. Eating bananas causes diarrhea. Useful for relieving irritation and itching.

5. There is again in the bald head.

6. Mix banana in vinegar and lemon juice, apply shade on the face, dull color, if the skin is wiped, then grind with banana melon seeds and then lap face color will come out.

7. If there is heat on the body, put banana leaves on the body and the worm will go away.

8. Banana is useful for women who are not able to treat despite infertility.

9. Rinse the banana trunk slightly and place the pot with it. Keep water dripping all night. In the morning, feed it to a person whose urine burns and it will relax.

10. Banana should not be eaten in a cold mouth. It is harmful to a cold person. Even in cold areas, it is not acceptable to eat. Vedas say that banana raw beans are cold and dry water is bitter and cold and the root is cold.

11. Raw bean salad is useful for young people whose health is bad for a long time when they have blood clots, raw banana salad stops eating.

12. Banana benefits from cough and asthma. Eliminates inflammation of the esophagus and relieves inflammation and blood inflammation. Drinking bananas and drinking water are likely to cause fatal diseases. Care should be taken.

13. It is useful in stomach disorders by eating sugary foods of banana pods. If you eat ghee in the stomach, then grind the black pineapple with three kinds of water and hang it with cold water. The salt, gold, and black Peppers are the culprits.

14. Banana leaf and honey mixture is used for cough. It is also useful in cough.

15. Eating banana with salt is useful in high blood pressure.

Banana Side Effects!

"Eating too many bananas at a time is not good for health,
this will affect your eyes and increase phlegm in a human's body"