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History of Polio Vaccination

Unfortunately, the polio vaccine has been controversial since its inception, and in the United States, where it was invented, it has the affinity of the people and the people associated with it. Made in America. How to prepare a polio vaccine In simple language, the monkey's kidneys are used to make it. Get a monkey.

 Uncover it and remove its kidneys. Grind these kidneys in a grinder and then add the polio virus to the kidney in the laboratory where the polio virus is growing fast. These polio viruses are then put to death by formaldehyde formaldehyde. Say dead or they are made to be heard or inactive. The vaccine is then injected into the human body by making them vaccinated. For this purpose, rhesus monkeys, used to be imported from India, were imported from India, which were undoubtedly millions of exported to the United States. Hindus who killed Muslims on suspicion of eating meat have returned to the United States in tens of millions, the so-called vaccine called SALK VACCINE. In 1954, the US Department of Health approved it and all the United States Children were vaccinated with the same saline vaccine in schools, but a shocking report came in 1961.

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 Since the vaccine was administered to hundreds of millions of American children from 1955 to 1963, Bernice Eddy, a scientist at the NIH in the 1960s, discovered that the saline vaccine was available in various laboratories Once the animals were injected with them, brain cancer and cancer cells began to develop within a short period of time. Further research revealed that the salivary vaccine, which is produced by the monkeys of the monkeys, has some virus And the virus is also transmitted from the monkey's kidneys to this vaccine. It is also present in the salivary vaccine.

 The virus was named SV40 or Simian Virus40 (Simian Virus40) because it was the 40th virus discovered in the body of monkeys. It was actually a vaccine by vaccine companies that didn't bother to test it after they were vaccinated. Initially, the US government's Department of Health denied this research, but after growing unrest and protests in the public and medical circles, the Health Department finally accepted it in 1963. The vaccine contains a virus called SV40, which causes cancer in animals. Scientists and US scientists around the world agreed that SV40 causes brain cancer in humans, as well as doctors and scientists working for the US government simply disagreed.

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 It also causes cancer, but the rapid spread of cancer rates since 1960 has been enough to open up the U.S. Department of Health's lie. In 1963, its use in the United States on the basis of growing concerns over the vaccine. Prohibited and replaced with a redesigned cabin vaccine (SABIN VACCINE) instead of injection The qtrunky was used was given in the case. The Sabin vaccine is said to be manufactured on the kidneys of African green monkeys, which are not found in the SV40 virus, instead of the Indian mystery monkey. Polio eradicated but in the meantime the world saw a dramatic increase in the rate of brain cancer and other types of cancer in children. The polio vaccine started in Pakistan in 1974-75, but the story did not end here.

 That from 1963 on the Drink Seaben vaccine that was developed on the kidneys of the African Green Manica that did not contain the SV40 virus Yet, alarmingly high rates of developing brain cancer and other cancers in children have once again raised alarm alarms - research has shown that the African green monkey does not have the SV40 virus but The seed used to produce polio virus in kidney cells is the same as the one obtained from the mystery monkey for the salivary vaccine found in SV40. Now when the seeds are infected with the disease, Change won't matter. The polio vaccine itself has been controversial in the American public since 1960, whether it was the saline injection vaccine used from 1955 to 1963 or the sebene vaccine used since 1963.

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 Regular debates and congressional legislation have been under review in this regard. And the issue remains a constant pain for the US government. You may be surprised to hear that since 2000, the United States has begun to use re-injection vaccine in place of vaccine-containing sebene vaccine. While it is still providing vaccines to other countries. What is the secret behind this? Just as not every person or child is infected with the polio virus after entering the body, not every child is affected by the polio vaccine virus, however it is a dangerous situation.

If that was not the case and why did the US Department of Health stop using salivary vaccine in 1963? Why do they need to explain why they have started using the Indian Myanni Kidney for the African Green Monkey Kidney Polio vaccine instead? Then why did the US suddenly start using saline vaccine again in 2000? If everything was OK, why all those specifications and changes? The US Department of Health says that they have now begun to manufacture salvaged polioxane with an entirely new unprocessed seed, which is offered for use only after very rigorous and standardized testing. They also say the vaccine seabin vaccine is being manufactured from the same new unhealthy seed, so both vaccines are perfectly safe and can be used seamlessly.

 Forty years after destroying children and breeds of cancer worldwide, including the people of its own country, the United States is now fully committed to securing its new polio vaccine. But have any of our scientists or health departments ever tried to test that a free vaccine is coming from the United States and we are blindly feeding our children, is it really free of SV40? For the past fifteen years, the US has been providing injection-based saline vaccine SALK with injection instead of vaccine for our children, so why are we being vaccinated with the SABIN vaccine vaccine now? Can't some vaccine samples be tested by a modern laboratory in a country in Kuwait? My writing does not mean that I am against the polio vaccine or that I am preventing you from administering the vaccine to your children, but as a Pakistani, it is my right to guarantee that The vaccine being administered to children of my nation is free of SV40.

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 It is not a difficult task for the government to test random samples of vaccine-derived vaccines in the country or with the modern laboratory of Casimul in Europe, and only then decide whether or not to feed their children. Watch out for

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