The golden message for Lecoria and diabetes patients 

The golden message for Lecoria and diabetes patients

This incident happened to a friend of ours who listened verbally

 * Assalam Alaikum Warhatullah wa Barakatah *

 * The companions are in attendance with your promise you made to the gentlemen a few days ago when I was going to Delhi to pick up some herbs for my family *

 * Just stopping at a stop and watching the jellybee sweets sitting in front of me, there was an elderly jellybee sweets eating.
The golden message for Lecoria and diabetes patients

  This elderly man who had been under treatment for a long time, his sugar was always above 300. He was the father of five daughters. There was no son. The conditions were not good, so I used to treat him for free for a while.  Did Not Come On Alert *

 Fifteen days after his trip to Delhi, he went to attend a wedding. He was sitting on a chair and had a spoon raised in his hand. Then there was a voice in Kanu.  There were people who were eating Gappa Gupta for seven eight pills at the plate, not looking at me. I said, Baba, you should take special care of your health.  She said with a smile Hakim Sahib was a sugar. Now I do not believe my ears and asked where was the sugar, but now is not empty.  The universe has saved me from this infectious disease. I asked how he said: Hakim sir, you are very kind to me. I will surely impose this secret on you.  There will be some talk about it and on the way there is a jungle. I will show you the plants. I will soon finish eating and then go and say, because my heart was looking for such a rare cow.  After stopping in one place and searching for coffee, they laid their hands on the comb plant *

 * Because it was hot weather and the summer plants in the area are very rare, we walked straight to the place after eating. It was about two and a half hours before I got their sugar check.  What a joy when their sugar turned out to be 132 Now I was fond of the comb test but waited for the rainy season to come two months later because getting the comb leaves in the summer was a very difficult task for the patients.

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 * In these two months, I had 15 patients ready for treatment, including 4 women, an MBBS doctor who was a diabetes specialist. Each patient was given eight to 10 combs at the beginning of the rainy season.  One of the women complained of constipation after only 20 days of use and quit treatment. The remaining patients used it for two consecutive months.  The time of the month has passed. Each patient has had diabetes checked two to three times a month.  Eli Pete was interesting between 70 and 90. The patient who quit treatment after 20 days of use is also in moderate to severe diabetes.  15 patients are still under treatment for the last 20 days *

 * Now you carry it on the other side of the lacquer I have been using for the last fifteen years. Never wash 15 grams of fresh root of roasted comb thoroughly with 10 grams of Egyptian stone.  When it is salted, remove it from the wood and throw it in the saline mouth with 250 grams of fresh milk of cow or dishes. Be sure that after five days of use, the patient will pray to you and me.  Will Not Stop Yourself From *